About TCP

The Community Program (TCP) is MRSI’s initiative to give back to the community by identifying small organisations working for a social cause at the grassroot level and partnering with them to make available to them world class research and insights to help them magnify their impact on the society.

The program aims at harnessing the ideas, skills and the energy of the young research professionals, coupling them with the resources of our member companies and channelling these to help solve the key questions/challenges being faced by the partner social organisations.

The program also helps in showcasing the depth and breadth of talent among the young professionals in the Market Research industry and also helping them to gain both personally and professionally.

TCP is envisaged as an annual program from MRSI starting 2018

How does this work?

Young research professionals (under 30 years of age) working with MRSI member companies can participate in this program and propose/pitch solutions for the challenges of the partner orgnaisation identified by MRSI.

Young research professionals must choose one challenge among the ones shortlisted and respond to the brief with a written approach note detailing how they would address the needs and submit the same to MRSI.

MRSI will set up a team of senior industry professionals along with the representative of the partner organisations (the TCP panel) who will then evaluate the various applications and select a couple of applications that have the most promising submissions.

MRSI and our member companies would coordinate to provide resources to the researchers to implement the selected submissions. The researchers will need to complete the study in the stipulated time and make a presentation to the TCP panel.

The participating organisations will end up with actionable insights for them to carry forward their work to the community and the researchers will be felicitated at the MRSI’s Annual Seminar.

How to participate?

To participate in The Community Program initiative, please visit the below google form and upload your approach note:

*Please note that you require to sign in with your google account to fill the form*


(Please read approach note guidelines, terms & conditions and the submission process for The Community Program before submitting the form)

About NGOs and their respective problem briefs.

To participate in The Community Program initiative, please visit: *submission link* and upload the approach note document.
(Please read approach note guidelines & the submission process)

Organisations working for community development


Click here to read & download their problem statement: 



Click here to read & download their problem statement:



Click here to read & download their problem statement: 


About NGOs and their respective problem briefs.

Guidelines for writing the approach note

The approach note document should be in a PDF format.

The approach note pdf should be named as the organization you have chosen along with '_Approach Note' in the end.

For example: "Women Serve_Approach Note"

The document should be formatted in A4 page size and should not exceed 1500 words.

The structure of the document should be as below:

  1. Objectives which are being addressed by the proposed approach
  2. Information which would need to reviewed to answer the questions which are part of the objectives
  3. A brief description of the methodology/research approach
  4. Who will be providing the information
  5. What would be the sample size and why
  6. Time schedule post approval of the approach (there will be around 5 to 6 weeks available to conduct the project)

  1. Document should not carry the name of the author
  2. Document should not carry the name of the authors’ organisation(s)
  3. Document should not have any reference to branded tools/methods which can reveal the identity of the author or the organisation.

*Any approach note failing to adhere to these guidelines would be summarily disqualified.

Approach Note Submission Process

The submission of the approach note would be online.

The announcement for opening of the submission process will be made on the MRSI website & on social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter).

Once the announcement is made, visit www.mrsi.in and click on the link for the submission of the Approach note for The Community Program 2018.

Then follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the link for the form
  2. Provide the details of the author with accurate contact details.
  3. Attach the Approach Note file ( File size: up to 10 Mbps )
  4. Click on the submit button

An acknowledgement of your submission will be displayed on the screen.

The author will also get an email acknowledgement along with the submission ID on their listed email ID from MRSI.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only MRSI members of ESOMAR members in India can take part in The Community Program contest.
  • The individual participating in The Community Program contest should be under 30 years of age.
  • The approach note/contest application can have only one author.
  • Decision of the selection committee would be final and the MRSI will not be liable for any inconvenience/disputes resulting from the selection committee's decision.
  • The authors of selected approach note will be requested to submit a detailed application as well as MS PowerPoint slides to the judging panel. The full application and the presentation would be screened once more to make the final selection.
  • The finalists would be informed along with comments from the jury members to help them improve their presentation quality.
  • MRSI reserves the rights to delete or merge sessions outlined in this document in the event of not enough quality submissions for any session.

Important Dates

Date Activity
Wednesday, 6th June 2018 Final date to submit the approach note
Wednesday, 13th June 2018 MRSI to communicate results to shortlisted participants
Friday, 27th July, 2018 Final date for shortlisted participants to submit detailed and full Project on the chosen problem statement & first draft of presentation to MRSI
27th to 6th August 2018 Period of study of the submitted final project for the Jury to decide the winner.
Friday, 10th August 2018 MRSI to Announce the Winner
Monday, 13th August 2018 Detailed and Final PPT presentation of the project to be submitted to MRSI for further processing.
Tuesday, 20th August 2018 Follow through with recipient organisation on implementation of insight/impact


For queries related to The Community Program, please write to: info@mrsi.in
or contact the MRSI office on 022 2640 0060 (Monday to Friday; 10:30 am to 6 pm).